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Stoneground Custom Net Loft Handmade Paint Tin Collection

Stoneground Custom Net Loft Handmade Paint Tin Collection

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Stoneground Paints has assembled this collection of regional watercolor tins expressly for The Net Loft, celebrating our local Cordova, Alaska lifestyle.  

Stoneground Paints are ground from natural pigments with a creamy texture due to their honey based formula.  

Palette options (price varies with pigments within sets):

ALASKA MUSHROOM HARVEST - A forager and artists collection that is perfect for painting many of our local favorites. 

SHOREBIRD  -  In celebration of the magnificent shorebird migration through the Copper a River Delta region, this palette reflects the breeding plumage of many of the bird populations who utilize our region as a stopover space.  Set of 6 · $45.95

COPPER RIVER SALMON - A beautiful palette of six metallics reflecting the luminous colors of our local wild Alaskan salmon.  Set of 6 · $58.95

CHUGACH WILDFLOWERS - Lupine, fireweed, wild Iris, shooting stars, buttercups, forget me nots will come to life from out of this palette of the brilliant beautiful  colors of summertime. Set of 6 · $56.95

DEEP WOODS -  The Chugach region is known for its dense  temperate woodlands, laden with thick cushions of moss  within deep forests that beckon you to stay surrounded by their quiet and peaceful protective branches, whether harvesting, berries, mushrooms, or simply having a moment of stillness within, adjacent to depths of deep sea water. This minimal palette of deep sea, forest and earth will paint simple landscapes of our coastal wild places.  Set of 3 · $25.95

CORDOVA BLUES  - Set of 6 $49.95

Handmade in Canada. 

These palettes also make great gifts accompanied by one of our travel paintbrushes.

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