About Us

The Net Loft originated in the net loft of a commercial fishing warehouse in 1984. Now on Main Street, The Net Loft carries a wide variety of yarn, needlework, scrapbook, papercraft & handcraft supplies, as well as a selection of fine gifts, jewelry & chocolates. So much of what we are at The Net Loft is entangled with the lifestyle of our rural fishing village of Cordova, Alaska.  Many of our products reflect and are reminiscent and influenced by the incredible beauty of the natural setting of this coastal town nestled in the Chugach Mountains. Most importantly, it is our hope and desire to not only provide quality materials for creativity, but to also create a welcoming environment for the collective learning and sharing of creative pursuits among friends. You are always most welcome at The Net Loft, by the beautiful shores of Prince William Sound. 

We are happy to answer questions via phone or email.

PH: 907-424-7337



Mondays, Wednesdays    12 noon - 9 pm

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday  12 noon - 6 pm

Closed Sundays

Where to find us:

140 Adams Avenue  

P.O. Box 880

Cordova, Alaska 99574


Photo/Artwork Credits:  Chelsea Haisman, Sharon McMahon, Nelly Widmann, Dotty Widmann, Jen Ann Kirchmeier, Susan Ogle, Ken Adams, Erin Cooper, Milo Burcham