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We are in the process of arranging some Knit and Crochet sessions here at the Net Loft in order for you to come and knit with a small group. Gatherings will be limited in size, and each person will have their own cove to knit in. We have some special gifts for you, and would like an opportunity for you to gather safely together at a distance. We would like to start by hosting small groups that are within the same family or bubble, and then extend to small friend groups. Participants will be required to wear masks and have not traveled for 7 days, and for those who have traveled received a negative test after their quarantine period.
We look forward to sharing with you some of our new yarns and our recently updated yarn space.
Please contact us if interested by message or shop phone. Thank you!
We are hoping to schedule our first small group session on October 28.

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We have decided to set up a once a month gathering for spinners. It will be socially distanced for now and masks required. We will start with a meeting on October 30, from 7-9 pm and will start the sessions with a spinning wheel clinic with a chance to get spinning wheels tuned up and running if your spinning wheel has been taking a nap. Call and confirm you will be attending, or message me.
It will be also dependent on covid in town situation. Contact me and let me know what type of wheel you have, if interested in attending. Bring your wheel, and let's spin. Each person will have their own cove to spin in.
Hope to see you there!
If you are interested in attending from a distance via zoom, please contact us for log in information.

 Zoom Gatherings

All Welcome!



12 noon Alaska time

Follow the link and sign in on Zoom to join the group from your home computer or phone.

Gather your knitting or craft and a cup of tea in your favorite teacup, and let's get together online! 

to Join Zoom Meeting, please email us and we will send you link and password. 

The Net Loft Gansey Knitting Group

Thursdays 12 noon Alaska time

Gather your gansey project and join us for an international gansey gathering online each Thursday.

to Join Zoom Meeting, please email us and we will send you link and password. 

Thursdays 12 noon


Net Loft Fish Knitalong

Net Loft Friends,

In light of FisherFolk month here at The Net Loft, AND our Cordova Salmon Jam, we are having a fish knitalong!

Make a fish for yourself or join in to help us create a fish garland to hang in our community center.

These are trying times for us all . Our community, which is isolated and has minimal medical facilities has had an increased number of cases, as we know in many other areas as well. It is sometimes hard to keep our spirits up, or even have fun or celebrate when we have so much concerning us. Our Salmon Jam is a festival of music in our community where local musicians, as well as a band that is brought in, play in a large tent at the base of our ski hill. Art, food, music, and a salmon run generally take place, but because of the current international situation, this year our local event will be held virtually.

First, I invite you to listen in to the concerts and program they are planning for Salmon Jam. The event is made possible by the Cordova Arts and Pageants, the Copper River Watershed Project. and many volunteers.

Second, I invite you to create a fish that would perhaps be a fish migration to Cordova that we can put together and hang to celebrate the gift of friendship and fellowship that has brought us together in the same way the Fisher Lassies of the past were brought together by the fish. I remember how for some, the friendships that were made became lifelong.

In Cordova, each year, there is a hope.

As we prepare for fishing during the winter and spring, there is a hope that the fish will return. It is something out of our control, but it is the hope of their arrival that causes us to do those things we would need to have done to be prepared for their coming. In the same way, there is a hope in me that one day this will pass. In many ways, I hope for things to change for the better, and hope means that there is an anticipation for it to be so, even if not completely visible at the moment.

I believe that these fish that would be made and put all together like a school of fish that come together from various places and people, would represent that hope somehow, for healing and a better health of bodies, of communities, and cultures, that we so need right now.

All are welcome to participate, wherever you are.

The Plan:

1.  This week with any yarn you have or yarn from the shop, create a fish using the following pattern.

We will be participating in the Salmon Jam event by having our Wednesday Zoom session be open to anyone who wants to join us as we knit fish together.  You do not need to attend the zoom session to participate in the knitalong. If you are joining the zoom session be sure to gather your supplies ahead of time.

Yarn may be something local,  or left from a gansey you have knitted in the past, or, if needed, purchased from The Net Loft                             

RECOMMENDED SUPPLIES YOU WILL NEED:                            

For  those who need to purchase yarn for their fish, we are offering a complimentary fisherfolk removable marker  with your purchase for the KnitFishAlong. This marker clips to the side of the start of the rounds to help you keep track of beginning of each round.

      2. Create a tag, and on it write your name, where you are from, and a message if you like, some thoughts, a quote, a drawing, poem, or whatever you like (totally optional). Pin this on to your fish,
      3.  Drop it by the shop in our bin out front on one of the days we are open (write on the bag "save for Dotty", OR Mail it to us at:

        The Net Loft. attn: Dotty

        PO Box 880

        Cordova, Alaska 99574 USA

        As part of the festivity our Wednesday Zoom session on July 15 at noon will be a Fish Knit Session. See Zoom description below for how to link in to the meeting. 

        We are asking that the fish be knit and received by July 31. 

        My hope is that for now we can string these up and hang them for the community to see, knowing that they are symbol of friendship and fellowship, regardless of our distances or differences, and a hope for the future, on so many levels.

        It is also our hope that there will be a FisherFolk event in the future where they can be hung with our next gansey exhibit, and that there will come a time one day where virtual connection will once again be physical connection, and in that hugs all around. Thanks to Nita Bruce and Time and Tide Museum for this great pattern.

        Net Loft Needlefelt Workshop

        Virtual Class Anytime Anywhere

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        For more information on any classes call or email:

        The Net Loft     907 424-7337

        140 Adams Avenue   Cordova, Alaska