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Master of Field Arts Nature Journaling by Roseann Hanson

Master of Field Arts Nature Journaling by Roseann Hanson

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By Rosann Beggy Hanson

Master of Field Arts is a welcome companion to Rosann Hanson's 2020 book, Nature Journaling foe a Wild Life.  In this second book in her Wild Life series, Hanson gives us an accessible and practical guide to advanced naturalist and field journaling skills.

Seven-session guided master naturalist course includes:

pencil sketching, elegant ink work, cartography, earth pigments, ink-making, animal tracking, meteorology, and much more.

In addition to supplies needed  for book one, suggested materials include:

Journaling sketchbook, at least 60 pages, heavyweight paper suitable for watercolor. 

If you are looking to try to work in a minimal palette, we have small kits in art toolkit palette sets featuring a magenta, cyan, yellow primary  version. We also have a minimal colored pencil set that is handy for field studies.

CIrcle Protractor

Plant Press

Small Collection Jars

Insect collecting jars

Insect and/or small fish nets

Plaster of Paris

Small Square of plexiglass  ( 6"x 8") Acetate in a small mat can be used as well. FOr tracing animal footprints.



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