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Introduction to Net Loft Watercolor Journaling Sessions CLASS MATERIALS KITS

Introduction to Net Loft Watercolor Journaling Sessions CLASS MATERIALS KITS

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These kits contain the materials that will be helpful for the Net Loft Introductory Course in Watercolor Journaling.  We have listed below a comprehensive list of materials that we have found to be helpful in getting set up for the lessons, with links for purchasing selected individual items separately, so you can pick and choose and create your own kit, if desired. 

The first  is our Deluxe Kit, the Sweet Pea, which provides the most complete set up with the greatest savings.  Class Kits 2 and 3 are for those who may already have materials at home they would like to fill in with, or desire a more simplified version.  

Each of our SUITCASE KITS contain a rectangular enamel tray. These are highly recommended and a wonderful surface for mixing your paint colors.  Some people have also liked the smaller trays for mixing colors while traveling. 

Students will also need a COTTON OR COTTON/LINEN DISHTOWEL, as well as WATER CUPSEnamel cups work nice for studio or travel. Mason jars also work well. You will need a set of three for many of the  mixing exercises. Clear jars work best for the exercises, so you can see clarity of water.

Many people love using a WATER BRUSH for journaling. You may add one to your order as well, if you like.  The Pentel Medium is the most widely used. They are included in kits. 

The titles for the suitcase kits refer to the ribbons we tie on each handle to distinguish between each kit.

Please note: All of items in these kit lists are not required for  participation in the journaling course.  You can get by with the simple ingredients of a fine permanent pen, pencil, brush set, paintbox, and blank watercolor journal.  We have a very simple startup kit that is available as well. 

Contact Dotty for any questions concerning materials.


CLASS KIT 1:  The SWEET PEA -    Deluxe 

Suitcase Class Kit 

For those that appreciate fine art supply extras, Net Loft Watercolor Journaling Sessions Deluxe Class Kit  includes the supplies needed for The Net Loft Watercolor Journaling Sessions, and more. This curated kit fits perfectly  into our larger suitcase style vinyl case to keep your supplies and journal "close at hand".  

This all inclusive set will supply you with your needs for our 10 weeks  of watercolor journaling video lessons, with no extra course fees, and includes access to interviews with select guest artists.

This collection is based on our experience of conducting the Net Loft Sessions and the materials that we found helpful to supplement the basic needs for those participating in the program.

The biggest additional feature in these kits  is the variety of brushes provided in order to gain an understanding through personal experience concerning the differences in the variety of brushes produced by different manufacturers.


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Fountain Pens are not included in kits or required, but can be a wonderful addition to your journaling experience. These are left off the list  to allow for personal preferences in type and color.  Carbon Ink  (or pther pigment ink such as a sepia pigment ink ) is the preferred  ink for using in watercolor journaling due to its more permanent quality.  Bottled Ink requires a converter. COnt

Platinum Fountain Pens   (fine tip recommended)

Carbon Ink Cartridges

Converter and Carbon Bottled Ink

If you can budget or put on your gift list, the Platinum 3776 with the gold tip. It is a delight to use with the carbon ink for journaling in the UEF Ultra Extra Fine tip.

The Platinum 3776 is such an enjoyable pen to write and sketch with, and my most favorite tool in the studio and in the field. As

Additional Travel Brushes


CLASS KIT 2:  The FORGET ME NOT Suitcase Class Kit

$399.38 value Save $50.38 when purchased as kit. $349 includes  shipping

  • bonus sample pack of photo corners, cello and glassine bags, sample papers, & coaster for making circles for color wheels.
  • Hahnemuhle Sample Paper Packs



The most basic of our available kits. Students will need to provide an enamel tray or white ceramic plate for mixing colors. 

Value of $236.00 Save $36.01 when  purchased as a kit.  Special price $199.99  includes shipping.

  • bonus sample pack of photo corners, cello and glassine bags, sample papers, & coaster for making circles for color wheels, includes Artists Trading Variety pack 
  • Hahnemuhle Sample Paper Packs


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