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Silver Brush Black Velvet Travel Brushes

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  • BLACK VELVET: The Black Velvet product line was created for watercolor artists and highly skilled hobbyists. Each Black Velvet brush is soft enough to add color without disturbing previous layers of paint, but firm enough to lift color when needed.
  • MATERIALS: The Black Velvet professional watercolor brushes are expertly crafted with a luxurious blend of squirrel hair and black synthetic fibers. Each brush has a short handle that is finished with sophisticated black lacquer.
  • TRAVEL BRUSHES: The Black Velvet 3100ST is a round brush designed for traveling artists or painters who are inspired by the outdoors. It opens at the middle, allowing artists to tuck the bristles inside the handle and easily carry it anywhere.
  • PAINTS: The Black Velvet brushes are best paired with watercolor. Each brush will hold the right amount of color, giving you more time to focus on your masterpiece. Watch your ethereal creations come to life with our premium-quality brushes.
  • BLACK VELVET STORY: Silver Brush Limited is the premier supplier of fine painting supplies in the United States. We have a remarkable collection of superior artist brushes. High-quality paint brushes lead to higher-quality art.