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Schmincke Horadam Super Granulation set haze 5x15ml

Schmincke Horadam Super Granulation set haze 5x15ml

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Granulation is caused by heavy pigment particles settling in paper indentations or light pigment particles clustering together. You can mix super granulating colors to create unusual color shifts and effects. The mixed color will vary based on the mixing ratio.

5 x 15ml Schmincke Horadam - Pink (PR233, PB36 - Transparent), Blue (PY43, PB29, PBr7 - Transparent), Indigo (PB29, PG26, PBr33 - Semi-transparent), Brown (PBr7, PBk11 - Semi-transparent), and Black (PG36, PBr33, PBk11 - Semi-opaque).

  • Wood box set Of 5 Colors, 15ml
  • Made in Germany
  • Great and excellent lightfastness
  • Paint is reusable once dried on the palette
  • Gum Arabic binding medium
  • Limited use of ox gall as a dispersant
  • High control of paint flow
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