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Ranch 01 | Climate Beneficial Wool

Ranch 01 | Climate Beneficial Wool

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Included with each skein of Ranch 01 is a complimentary copy of the pattern Chunky Gansey Cap by Chic Knits, a Cordova gansey knitting marker & a Cordova gansey woven label for your finished hat. 


  • Natural dyed yarns, especially indigo, may temporarily stain hands and needles (Easily removed with soap and water). "Crocking" in indigo, as it is called, will not affect your finished garment. 
  • Colors of Ranch are tonal and vary from skein to skein. 

Ranch 01 is our first ranch-specific, breed-specific yarn. This small-batch, limited-edition yarn was sourced from 100% American Rambouillet sheep on The Bare Ranch in Surprise Valley, California, a ranch that produces Climate Beneficial Wool in partnership with Fibershed.

Ranch 01 is three-ply, worsted-weight and worsted-spun. With the intent of keeping the yarn close to the earth, it was naturally dyed by the Green Matters Natural Dye Company in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Ranch 01’s palette arose from the myriad possibilities available in nature, with colorways derived from marigold, indigo, madder root, lac and cochineal insects, tannins, and iron.
With the dye striking the wool more strongly here and more gently there, natural dyeing captures the beautiful irregularities of nature itself, resulting in skeins with rich tonal variations. Some colorways of Ranch 01 have more variation within a skein than others, and skeins within a colorway vary slightly from one to another. Select a color thumbnail above to view a larger image of the colorway that more fully reflects the variations within the color; select “View Color Story” below the larger image for a textual description of the color as well as its versions, if applicable. Fabric knit from Ranch 01 will have subtle streaks and shifting depths, so for larger projects we recommend alternating skeins for a smoother blend.

At every step along its way, this wool has been treated with special care and attention. The multi-disciplinary approach to the production of Ranch 01 supports our commitment to domestic manufacturing as well as environmental stewardship. We hope its story inspires your creative work, and we thank you for joining us in our pursuit of earth-friendly, wool-loving endeavors.


  • 220 yards (201 meters) | 100 grams | 3-ply worsted weight
  • 100% American Rambouillet Wool
  • Sourced from The Bare Ranch in Surprise Valley, California
  • Scoured in South Carolina
  • Spun in Maine
  • Dyed in Pennsylvania


  • 4.5-5 stitches to 1" | Suggested needle: 4.5 - 5mm (US 7-8)


  • Hand washing with cold water and a pH neutral soap will preserve the colors of the natural dyes. 
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