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Copper River Delta Shorebird Workshops featuring Guest Artist Kim McNett

Copper River Delta Shorebird Workshops featuring Guest Artist Kim McNett

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The Net Loft is honored to present Alaska Nature Journalist Kim McNett as our featured guest instructor for the 2024 Net Loft Copper River Delta Shorebird Festival,  May 2-5, 2024.

Kim McNett is an artist and wilderness adventurer based in Homer, Alaska. McNett holds to the belief that an artistic practice in nature provides deep observation and personal connection to our rich Alaskan ecosystems.  

Kim will be featured guest speaker, Thursday May 2, 6-6:30 pm, at the opening reception of the Shorebird Art Show and Birds by Hand Exhibit at the Copper River Gallery in the Cordova Community Center, and will be leading outdoor and indoor instructional sessions during the festival. Classes are open to beginners and all levels of expertise ages 16 and up. 

Personally motivated  10-15 year old nature journalists may accompany a fully paid parent at a reduced rate for Saturday Sessions, with one discounted youth per fully paid registration. Accompanied Youth Scholarship Rate $24 ($22.80 after festival discount) There is a limited number of these youth spaces available. They will need to speak with Dotty first and  purchase their own packet of supplies.




Field Journaling with Kim McNett: Journaling Beyond the List. Nature Journaling is a practice of creativity and curiosity that draws from our own personal experiences in the natural world. Join artist Kim McNett in the field to learn beginner-friendly field sketching and recording that will strengthen your observation skills.

There are three separate outdoor field sessions.  We will likely be visiting Hartney Bay, Three Mile Bay, and Alaganik Slough.  Outdoor Sessions are subject to weather conditions and will meet in a classroom at the Cordova Center if weather is too harsh to meet outdoors.

Each session will include 30 minutes with a guide, 2 hours with Kim, and 30 minutes  for outdoor post class wind down, before heading back to town. Outdoor sessions require a class material packet. If registering for more than one outdoor session, only one packet is required. ($35.00 packet fee includes required class booklet and Kim's streamline set of art tools she will be using in her outdoor sessions)


Friday May 3, Outdoor Session 9-12 noon. $45  

Saturday May 4,  Outdoor Session 9-12 noon.  $45  

Sunday May 5, Outdoor Session 8-11 am  $45  

Dress appropriately. Be prepared for cold temperatures and inclement weather. A folding chair, a pad to sit on, and possibly an umbrella is suggested, but not required. Transportation is not provided. We can carpool however, so if transportation is needed, we can help you get there.  

We will meet in front of the Cordova Center thirty minutes prior to class starting time to confirm destination, and to make carpool connections as needed. 



Indoor Sessions include 2 hour instructional classes followed by 1 hour Open Studio in classroom space for those who want to continue working on projects.  Hot teas and snacks will be provided.

Indoor Classes will meet at Cordova Community Center, Downstairs Room A/B 

Quick and Easy Landscape Sketching.  Learn beginner-friendly strategies for sketching landscapes and coastal habitats with Kim McNett. A small sketch goes a long way in documenting a sense of place and habitat in your field journal. 

Friday May 3, Indoor Session 1:30-3:30 pm.  $45. Open Studio 3:30-4:30 pm

How to Draw Eggs and Feathers. 

Learn beginner-friendly sketching techniques that will help you draw what you see. Join artist Kim McNett to sketch eggs, feathers and other natural items. 

Saturday  May 4, Indoor Session 1:30-3:30 pm  $45. Open Studio 3:30-4:30 pm

In regard to supplies for indoor classes, Kim recommends that if you already have supplies, bring what you know you love already. Your paintbox, favorite brushes, a set of 12 colored pencils, graphite pencil, eraser, and fine point pen will suffice, but feel free to bring your nature journaling toolkit with the items you like to have on hand for the indoor workshops.

If you are in need of any supplies and are just getting started, The Net Loft has a wide range of art supplies available here in town, including some kits and supplies especially for nature journalists. Your purchases from the shop help fund events and speakers such as this. Thank you!

REGISTER FOR SHOREBIRD FESTIVAL EVENT FIRST HERE to receive code for 5% off classes. DIscounts apply only to online purchases associated with the event as specified. 


There is an additional 5% discount for those who register for all five of Kim's workshops.

Nature Journaling Full Weekend of Kim's Five Courses for 5% off with packet. $247.  ($260 value). Select this option in the drop down menu. The 5 for 5 INCLUDES CLASS PACKET. (plus 5% additional discount for those who register for the festival with code)


Net Loft Shorebird Craft Session Upstairs at The Net Loft  & Cordova Library Fireside Gathering with Dotty Widmann:

Needle-Felt Sandpiper Wool Painting.  
Fireside Sharing

Prior to festival we will be starting a bird drawing study group on April 15, which will be using John Muir Laws Drawing Birds book as our text.   INFO LINK


Net Loft Nature Journaling Supplies: Online or in shop.

The following items are optional for those desiring to add to their Nature Journaling supply kit. For Kim's outdoor classes, you will NOT need anything other than what is in the purchased required packet. The Net Loft has a variety of Shorebird Festival specific products that may be purchased at the shop, including a custom Copper River Fleece Field Bag. The bag fits a Hahnemuhle A5 or A6 sketchbook (smaller fits best), Art Toolkit Laws Paint Set, and the Net Loft Laws Drawing kit. Limited quantities are available. Shorebird Festival Discount will not apply to these bags. Bags come with thin crossbody strap. Wide Sandpiper shoulder strap is extra.


Copper River Fleece Seawatcher 

Net Loft Laws Drawing Kit

Net Loft Laws Watercolor Sets

For those looking for a complete premiere nature journaling set up, the "SEAWATCHER"  DELUXE JOURNALING KIT is our Copper River Fleece Field Bag, preloaded with nature journaling essentials, including a Hahnemuhle A6 landscape  100% cotton watercolor sketchbook, *Net Loft Laws Drawing Kit, Deluxe Field to Finish Watercolor Kit, Laws 5 Prismacolor Bundle, and a KUM double hole pencil sharpener. $388 value
$333.90 Net Loft SPECIAL, $318 with festival discount ($70 savings)  

* Net Loft Laws Drawing Materials Kit includes a collection of pens, pencils & supplies stored in a locally crafted KSea.Otter Pencil Case. List includes: Caran D'Ache Museum and Luminance Whites, Caran D'Ache Pablo Brown, Caran D'ache Non-Photo Blue, Blackwing Natural & Non-Photo Blue (possible delay on Blackwing), Derwent 4B Graphite Water-soluble pencil, Pilot water soluble pen, Tombow brush marker, pigment liner, ball point pen, plus water-brush, wax crayon, kneaded and caramel erasers, long point pencil sharpener.


Hahnmuhle 100% Cotton Watercolor Sketchbook, A5 OR A6 
Travelogue Linen Journals

Laws Blank SKetchbook



Laws Guide to Drawing Birds

Laws Guide to Nature Journaling

Roseann Hanson Nature Journaling Text

Master of Field Arts Nature Journaling by Roseann Hanson


Other suggestions include the following items. 
Mechanical Pencil
White Signo Gel Pen
Permanent White Gouache Winsor Newton (included in Minimal paint kit)


Colored Pencil Sets (Regular and/or Watercolor)


Basic Field to Finish Kit: Art Tool Kit Demi Palette, Laws Three Minimal Daniel Smith Watercolor Picks 5 ML Tubes. (Quinacridone Pink, Phthalo Blue -Green shade, Hansa Yellow Light) , Winsor Newton {Permanent White Gouache. $72.98 VALUE, $62.98 SPECIAL, $59.83 with Festival discount

Deluxe Field to Finish Kit: Art Tool Kit Demi Palette, Laws Three Tubes Minimal Daniel Smith Watercolor Picks, Shorebird Colors Supplemental Set of 8 - 5 ml. tubes, some 15 ml tubes,  and Permanent White Gouache.  $190.49 VALUE, $158.98 SPECIAL, $151.03 with Festival dIscount.   (8 set additional colors: Shadow Violet, Perelene Green, Buff Tint, Italian Burnt Sienna, Quinacridone Gold, Bloodstone Genuine, Cobalt Blue, Naphsalide Maroon) (Individuals will be available to purchase from shop in Cordova)

Laws Picks Minimal Colored Pencil Bundle (5 Prismacolor Pencils:  Canary Yellow, True Blue, Process Red, Grape Black, Lavender Grey)  Reg Price $11, Sale $10.50 (with festival discount $9.98)  

Colored Pencil Sets Caran D'Ache & Faber Castelle Polychromos

Art Tool Kit Larger Palette Boxes 

Daniel Smith Paint Colors: 

Monte Amiata Natural Sienna  

Neutral Tint 

Burnt Umber, Raw Umber


Journal photo art by Kim McNett



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