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Net Loft 2023 Watercolor Journaling Kit

Net Loft 2023 Watercolor Journaling Kit

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Our Net Loft 2023 Watercolor Journaling  Kit features a collection of supplies needed for watercolor journaling.  

  • Van Gogh Watercolor Pocket Box
  • Fabriano Watercolor Postcard Set of20
  • Staedtler 0.05 pen .
  • Micron 01 FIne Point Marker
  • Permanent White Gouache
  • Coliro Gold Metallic Paint
  • Ceramic Dish for Mixing Colors
  • Princeton Golden Taklon Set of 6 Paintbrushes
  • Princeton Select Aqua Handle Round #10 Brush
  • Pencils ( Net Loft Gansey & Blackwing natural)
  • Cretacolor Gum eraser
  • Automatic Long Point Kum Pencil Sharpener 
  • pipette
  • small square 100% cotton cloth 
  • vinyl carrying case

$149.00 value for special price $127.95

Many people love using a water brush for journaling, and may be added to your order. The medium is the most popular size.

A water soluable  graphite pencil is also a nice addition if you do not have one. These are included in the Laws drawing kits  which is a nice supplement to the  2023 .  The items that are duplicated may be used to create separate in studio and in the field kits   

Not included in kit, but very nice to have, is one of our Platinum Fountain Pens in your choice of lovely colors, and cartridges of black carbon ink. Recommended is a pen with a fine tip.  If you are purchasing the bottled carbon black ink, then you will need a converter. There is a substantial savings when you purchase the bottled ink, and then there is not the waste of the plastic cartridges. Please contact Dotty if you need help selecting a fountain pen.

If you can budget or put on your gift list, the Platinum 3776 with the gold tip. It is a delight to use with the carbon ink for journaling in the UEF Ultra Extra Fine tip.

The Platinum 3776 is such an enjoyable pen to write and sketch with, and my most favorite tool in the studio and in the field. I also love the set of Raphael traveling brushes.  With a watercolor journal, the traveling brushes, fountain pen, pencil, and sketchbook, you are all set for a wonderful watercolor journaling experience.

Also recommended is  a roll of washi tape (choose from shop selection on website)

A more comprehensive kit for using along with our Net Loft Watercolor Journaling Video Course may be found HERE

You will need to select a journal. The Net Loft has a wide variety of WATERCOLOR JOURNALS for you to choose from. Check with us for complete selection.





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