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Laws Study Guide Tool Kits

Laws Study Guide Tool Kits

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Heney  Art Toolkit Colors for kits include red, purple and black. Put your first and second color request in notes. Color choice option subject to availability.

TOOL KITS (Items in the kits are also available to purchase individually) 

There will be two kits available: The Haystack Tool Kit & the Heney Ridge Tool Kit

The Haystack Tool Kit includes the text, journal & basic tools
The Heney Ridge Tool Kit will include everything in the Haystack Kit plus additional items and a large Art ToolKit Organizer.

The tool kits contain the Laws Sketch Books. You may find you might need another book at some point, but this will provide a good starting journal.

Haystack Tool Kit. $175 value SPECIAL $160 plus free freight

Heney Ridge Tool Kit , $254 value SPECIAL $235 plus free freight

All Items Listed Above in the Haystack Tool Kit, plus:

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