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Schmincke Dot Card 24 x Dunkeltöne Dark

Schmincke Dot Card 24 x Dunkeltöne Dark

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Featuring 24 deep, moody colors, this special-edition dot card features sample-sized paint dots with a surprising amount of color for testing or painting. Colors include Quinacridone Gold Hue, Transparent Red Deep, Perylene Maroon, Ruby Red Deep, Madder Red, Dark Quinacridone Violet, Perylene Violet, Neutral Tint, Schmincke Violet, Delft Blue, Cobalt Blue Deep, Payne's Grey Bluish, Paris Blue, Helio Turquoise, Cobalt Green Turquoise, Prussian Green, Cobalt Green Dark, Hooker's Green, Perylene Green, Raw Umber, Indian Red, Vandyke Brown, Neutral Grey, and Lamp Black.

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