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Schmincke Dot Card 20 x All green

Schmincke Dot Card 20 x All green

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Featuring 20 green colors from Schmincke’s Horadam range, this special-edition card features sample-sized dots of real paint that issue a surprising amount of color. Once the paint is gone, use the chart as a reference when selecting colors for a painting. Colors include Cobalt Turquoise, Cobalt Green Turquoise, Prussian Green, Viridian, Chromium Oxide Green Brilliant, May Green, Transparent Green Gold, Olive Green Yellowish, Chromium Oxide Green, Green Earth, Phthalo Green, Helio Green, Permanent Green Olive, Sap Green, Permanent Green, Cobalt Green Pure, Cobalt Green Dark, Hooker's Green, Olive Green, and Perylene Green.

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