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Derwent Inktense Paint Pan Travel Set Palettes

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Derwent Paint Pan Sets feature highly-lightfast paint pans found in the pencil and block ranges. Unlike traditional watercolor, washes of vivid paint can be applied without dissolving previously dried layers. Ideal for travel with everything needed to paint on-the-go, these sets contain paint pans, a mini waterbrush, a sponge and five mixing palettes. Paint is suitable for use on paper and fabric for a wide range of fine art and craft projects.

The Inktense Paint 12-Pan Set #1 includes one each of sun yellow, mango, poppy red, dark plum, mid ultramarine, bright blue, teal green, racing green, kiwi, burnt yellow ochre, natural brown and ink black.

The Inktense Paint 12-Pan Set #2 includes one each of sherbet lemon, tangerine, scarlet, fuchsia, French ultramarine, navy blue, turquoise, Ionian green, light olive, red oxide, sepia ink and antique white.