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Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors - Sap Green

Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors - Sap Green

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  • DANIEL SMITH is the Innovative Manufacturer of Beautiful Watercolors for Artists Worldwide, and makes the largest range of watercolors of any manufacturer, more than 240 colors.  The 240+ color collection includes the exciting PrimaTek watercolors made from minerals (like Amethyst) plus other unique colors (like Moonglow) not available elsewhere, and Luminescent Watercolors which allow artists to capture the luminescent colors that exist in nature that
  • DANIEL SMITH's Sap Green is wonderful - the hue we love with the permanency we need. This non-fugitive formulation creates deep forest shadow-green mied with French Ultramarine and mossy golden-greens and green-browns when mixed with Burnt Sienna or Quinacridone Sienna or Burnt Orange. Sap Green mixes well with most pigments and leaves a stained residue when lifted. In the French Ultramarine or Quinacridone mixtures mentioned above, squeegee or knife areas to reveal the Sap Green stain and to create blades of spring-shiny grasses within deeper or mossy passages.
  • Excellent Lightfastness, Transparent, Granulating, Medium staining
  • PO 48, PY 150, PG 7
  • Conforms to ASTM  D4236

    I like to squeeze a bit of this paint in the corner of my field travel set, so I have it handy. It is a nice bright green that I like to mix in with other colors in my travel set.

    5 ml tube

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