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150 Scandinavian Motifs: Mary Jane Mucklestone

150 Scandinavian Motifs: Mary Jane Mucklestone

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150 Scandinavian Motifs:
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Join Mary Jane Mucklestone in this beautiful exploration of knitted motifs.

You’ll enjoy this if:

  • You want to learn how to knit colorwork
  • You’re a beginner knitter and want to learn how to knit motifs
  • You’re an experienced knitter and want ideas for colorwork
  • You like traditional Scandinavian knitted motifs

150 Scandinavian Motifs is an inspirational collection of favorite knitted motifs found in the traditional knitting of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and the Faeroe Islands. Included in this collection are colorful designs for stars, hearts, flowers, birds and animals, geometric patterns, and more.


Each motif is shown as a handknitted swatch, illustrated with clear life-sized photographs and accompanied by easy-to-read color charts and an alternate colorway suggestion.


In addition to a full overview of two-color knitting techniques, this book also gives advice on incorporating Scandinavian motifs into a variety of different projects, allowing knitters to create unique designs. It also includes guidance on choosing yarns, use of color, and finishing techniques to help them hone their knitting skills and create stylish projects.


Knitters will learn how to knit Scandinavian motifs starting from the very beginning. This book covers choosing yarn, casting on, how to hold the yarn for knitting colorwork, how to weave yarns in to prevent long floats on the inside of the work, knitting a colorwork swatch, increasing and decreasing, steeking, correcting mistakes, and blocking finished works. It also includes history on traditional Scandinavian garments, how to use motifs horizontally and vertically, how to plan your first project, and more.


In addition to 150 Scandinavian motif patterns and charts, this book also includes four knitted projects featuring colorful motifs. Knit a blossom motif pincushion, traditional mittens with a geometric motif pattern, a reindeer motif hat, and a simple colorwork cowl with an easy-to-knit triangle pattern.


Limited number of copies autographed by Mary Jane.

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