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Net Loft Knitting Essentials Tool Kit

Net Loft Knitting Essentials Tool Kit

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A set of essential tools and accessories for knitters.  

Kit contains : 

  • Silvalume handi tool : crochet hook on one end, knitting/cable needle on the other 
  • Set of 3 wooden cable needles in assorted sizes 
  • Tape measure 
  • Needle gauge 
  • Post it notes 
  • Yuzu Shea Butter Stick for moisturizing hands
  • Plastic stitch markers
  • Sterling silver markers  
  • 2 bent end tapestry needles
  • Stitch holder
  • Soak knit wash packet 
  • Yarn cutter
  •  Pen
  • Mechanical pencil 
  • Wooden cdv ak (stands for Cordova, Alaska) removable marker. Plus metal case for markers and 3 more Alaska wooden markers and 6 copper colored removable markers
  • Highlighter tape
  • Small point protectors
  • Zip vinyl bag 
  • KnitAK sticker
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