Copper River Delta Shorebird Festival 2015: Maryjo Koch

The Copper River Delta Shorebird Festival is a celebration that marks the anniversary of the return of nearly five million shorebirds en route to the arctic tundra and other Alaska destinations  via the Pacific Flyway.  The tidal flats of the Copper River Delta  are  an important stopover site for these birds, as it is the largest undisturbed wetland on the continent of  North America, and provides the perfect setting for the birds  to stage and feed before moving on to breeding grounds west and northward across the state.  To be in the physical presence and to witness this migration firsthand is an experience beyond words. 

You are invited to come join the celebration with a host of activities to compliment the times with the tides via art, music, dance, and oral presentations.  Each spring, The Net Loft  joins in the celebration of  this great migration with workshops and activities that reinforce an appreciation for the significance of this  magnificent natural phenomena.


This May, the festival's twenty-fifth anniversary, The Net Loft will be offering a special set of workshops.  We are honored to present accomplished Illustrator, Author, Naturalist, Maryjo Koch as our featured guest, and invite you to participate in her workshops as a compliment to your time by the shoreside watching the migratory birds. 

Maryjo will be teaching a variety of workshops, and I promise you, you will not be disappointed with her classes.  I personally have taken several workshops with Maryjo.  She is a  delightful and wonderful teacher, who is generous in offering to share her techniques and expertise with others. Beginners are welcome and will find success in her classes, as her methodology is well constructed for all levels.  Her presence in Cordova is an opportunity you will not want to miss. I can honestly say, I have LOVED every workshop I have ever taken with Maryjo.  You can read more about her on the website, but take my word, you will enjoy and be enriched by watching her demonstrations and being in her fine company while we have her in Cordova. 

Registration is online with full detail of her workshops on the event workshop website:



Illustrations & Vintage Collage by Maryjo Koch

Photos by Milo Burcham



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