February Online Events

This February we have so much going on at The Net Loft!
Don't worry those of you not in town, you can join 2 of the events online using your Ravelry or Facebook account!


On February 5th we'll be starting a knit-along with Snow Capped Yarns' Shelly Kocan.
Check-ins will take place on the 12th and 19th. 
Join the knit-along on Ravelry, Facebook, or in the shop by signing up at the counter.
Find the yarn here. Find the pattern here for a download or here for a hard copy.
I can't wait to see the rainbow of vest knitted next month!


From February 7th-23rd, Team Net Loft will compete in the 2014 Ravellenic Games. This is an event put on by Ravelry to encourage people to challenge their knitting skills by completing a project within the timeframe of the Winter Olympics. Cast-on happens during the opening ceremonies and knitting must be finished by closing ceremonies.


Signing up can be a bit tricky. I'll step you through how to sign up officially with Ravelry. If you don't want to go through the bother, you can follow along on Facebook and/or come into the shop on Monday's Knitter's Night Out February 10th and 17th.


Here's the Ravelry step-by-step registration instructions:

1. Have a Raverly account. Click here to register.

2. Join Team Net Loft by clicking on this link.

3. Pick your event. Click here for the list. Underneath the bold name of the event is a "tag" in italics, you'll need to know this when creating your project: an example, eventunwind

4. Add a project in your notebook. Fill out the "Tags" blank with your event "tag" from step 3, also add teamnetloft

5. Cast-on February 7th!



If you need help signing up, email Jessyka at thenetloftak@gmail.com 

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