Hearts to You

When I was a young girl, the words, “Be My Valentine” meant romance and school girl crushes.  The Valentine with "to Dotty from.... " held special meaning, and I would spend hours the days before the class party working with paper doilies and construction paper on handmade cards bound for the classroom "Valentine Box".  

After being married for 35 years, despite the fact that the days of young love have long since past, I haven’t lost my love for doilies and glue, and for an excuse to  once again cut out paper hearts, bring out my paints and brushes,  and put together my own hand made Valentine cards.

These days, Valentines Day represents an opportunity for me to let those I love in my family and friends circle to know, in just a small way, that I am thinking about them and that I CARE about them.

It is this word CARE that just seems to be on my mind lately.

As a noun ( a person, place or thing) it seems to be more about concern, provision and serious attention applied to something, but as a verb it has more to do with 

affection, liking, and looking after.

I have been reflecting on this thought  that it is in the ACTION of caring that we demonstrate our affection.

In some cases, it can merely be  the kind and gentle tone of voice we use, and in the intentional choice of the words we speak. Sometimes it may simply be a touch, the gentle warmth of a hand held, or a loving hug or embrace.

Presently, I am on a trip, and, because they are so readily available where we are staying, last night we opted to get massages, a rare treat for me. My mind was stirring about as the thoughtful masseuse, dear kind Wilma, was touching my weary and aging body with her thoughtful and caring hands. It almost brought me to tears as she attempted to work out the accumulated strains and tension spots within my body. The word CARE kept rolling over and over again in my mind.

It was a physical manifestation of thoughtfulness and kindness. I felt so cared for as she touched me. Some people seem so adept at this. Nurturing just comes naturally to them. They are CARE GIVERS. I watch and learn. I do believe that down deep we all have a desire that someone would care about us.  I think Valentines Day just provides us an excuse to spread a little of this needed love around.  It is a perfect stage to actively care for others.

For me,  the best means to express my care and loving thoughts flows from my creative side. Being a crafter,  I show my affection with paint, glue and paper, felt, or fabric, thread, glue, whatever inspires me at the time. Once I get started, more ideas always seem to arise, and I have SUCH FUN DOING IT. 

Colleen, our mail order and yarn manager, is always packing up these wonderful care packages for loved ones, and I think back on the day a wonderful Valentines box arrived from a cousin I hadn’t heard from in years, and how wonderful it felt to hear from her and receive her package. I opened the box to find heart cookie cutters and a cookie making party in a box. It made my day, and made me want to turn around and pass that care along to someone else, because of how it had made me feel. . .  that she had been thinking of me across the miles, and cared enough to put together a little care package for our family. Care packages seem to say, "You are important to me.  I haven't forgotten you, I want you to know I  am thinking about you and I CARE."

SO in the context of Valentines Day, which is right around the corner, now is the time to assemble and get care packages and cards in the mail. Is there someone with whom you have lost contact ?  Who doesn’t love receiving mail? Even if they are a friend in the same town, they will certainly appreciate your thoughtfulness. 

Not sure where to start?  Jessyka  Dart-Mclean will be teaching a block printing Valentine making workshop next weekend at the shop.  By taking the workshop, you will have time to create and finish, and put some of your own creations in the mail to be received by February 14. The Net Loft has some fun Valentine candy to slip into a package, as well as these lovely new Annie heart glass dishes in a gift box for that extra special someone.  They are beautiful handmade glass  hearts overlayed with lovely gold and silver designs. They would make a treasured candy dish and would be perfect with a package of fresh chocolates or a batch of homemade heart cookies. Our online customers may email us at the shop thenetloft@gmail.com and we would be happy to put together items we have at the shop that may not be listed on the site.


And for our yarnies, a special treat for you from Shelly Kocan’s Snow Capped Yarn Collection, a limited edition rosy yarn entitled “Be My Valentine". Perfect for a cowl or scarf dyed on luxurious Perry, OR wrapped up with red tissue, a very special valentine for a beloved knitting friend.

We are all at different stages of life, but caring is something that knows no limits. Whether we slip a little love note into a child’s lunch or leave a little hand made treasure on a friend’s desk at work or school, as always, it is the thought that counts. Of course for those in the midst of romance, a hand made card (of course paired with chocolate) is always treasured. Caring nurtures those around us and helps them know they are valued in the midst of a life that may sometimes feel lonely and perhaps isolated.  In simple words, IT IS A GOOD THING.


There are so many fun ingredients at the shop, we hope you will set aside some time to be creative and think of some special new ways to let someone know you care. As I have said many times before, always remember, size never matters. for a big amount of thoughtfulness can surely come in a just a small package or kind gesture.


Hearts and Flowers and little bit of Chocolate too,

Happy Crafting

with love,

Net Loft Dotty




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