Knitting Resolutions January 07 2014, 2 Comments

Hello! I'm Jessyka, the new Social Media Manager for The Net Loft. Since I'll be joining Dotty here I thought I should introduce myself. I live in Cordova AK, just 2 blocks from The Net Loft. Living on the ocean has been a long time dream of mine, coupled with being so close (and working at) such a wonderful yarn shop, life is pretty wonderful.

I studied weaving in college, along with dyeing and art history. I love to knit, especially for my 1 year-old daughter. Baby sweaters are much quicker to make! That ties easily into my knitting resolution for 2014: sweaters.    

My 2014 Knitting Resolution is to finish a sweater I started for my husband 3 years ago. Lots of love has already been put into it. I started by converting Tuulia Salmela's Deep in the Forest mitten pattern. Then I dyed the main color using undyed Cascade 220 and Jacquard dyes, both available at the Net Loft. I'm really excited to finish something that has so much of my own expression in it. The Net Loft has a collection of undyed skeins waiting for someone to make them special. I think my second resolution will be to dye more yarn!


Do you have any knitting/craft resolution this year?


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Kaisa Erika of Eugene, OR - I should probably learn new things, I already have too many scarfs and hats.

Erica Thompson of Hancock, MI (though always an Alaskan at heart) - Yes, to learn how!

Signe Fritsch of Cordova, AK - Pick it back up! It's been too long. I've knit 2 hats and 1/2 of a baby sweater since my first child was born over 6 years ago.  I acutally had to search my house for my knitting needles a few weeks ago. That was a wake up call that it's time to get back to it.