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Three Irish Girls Net Loft Cordova Colorway

Secret-Spot Nagoonberries Cordova Colorway

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Rubus arcticus, the infamous Nagoonberry. Like precious forest jewels, these ruby gems are valued by berry pickers for making the most delectable jelly of the season. The jars are treasured and often given out as the most prized of all pantry gifts.  It is no surprise that Nagoonberry harvesting spots are held in secret and rarely shared.

Our newest custom Three Irish Girls Cordova Colorway honors the beloved Nagoonberry with its rich variation of crimson rubies and deep garnet.   We invite you to come pick some of our "Secret-Spot Nagoonberries"  for yourself, or gift a skein  to a favorite knitting friend.  The red is deep, dark, and glorious, and make a perfect match with our crystal Czech jeweled buttons for a holiday cowl, hat, or headband... yum.  

Three Irish Girls Extra Fine Merino Lace Yarn    

4 oz - 840 yards  

100% extrafine merino wool

A cushy lace weight yarn with a beautiful halo and two ply construction. 

Recommended needle size US 5-7

Three Irish Girls Springvale Sock

3.5oz - 370 yards

100% Superwash Merino wool

Recommended needle size: US 1-2

Three Irish Girls Congdon Merino Silk   

3.5 oz - 410 yards  

80% Superwash Merino, 20% Silk

Congdon Merino Silk is lustrous, smoooth, and rich yarn, great for socks, shawls, and scarves.

Recommended needle size:  US 0-2

Three Irish Girls Finley Fingering  Yarn    

4 oz - 380 yards  

A soft, two-ply 100% superwash merino yarn.  A heavier fingering weight means socks and other garments will knit up more quickly.  

Recommended needle size: US 0-2

Three Irish Girls Glenhaven Cashmerino Fingering Yarn  

3.5 oz - 370 yards  

80/10/10 Merino / Cashmere / Nylon

The ultimate treat for your feet - a blend of fine superwash merino and cashmere with nylon added for durability.  Medium fingering weight.

Recommended needle size:  US 0-2

Three Irish Girls  Beckon Stretch  Yarn    

3.5 oz - 370 yards  

100%  Superwash Merino Wool

A uniquely twisted medium fingering weight yarn.  Spun to be stretchy and fun to knit with.

Recommended needle size:  US 1-2

Three Irish Girls Adorn Yarn  

3.5 oz - 430 yards  

80/20 Merino Wool/Nylon

Washable merino wool with a touch of nylon added for durability.  The perfect mixture of soft and long wearing. 

Recommended needle size US 0-3

Three Irish Girls McClellan Fingering    

3.5 oz - 410 yards  

60% merino, 30% bamboo, 10% nylon

McCellan Fingering is easy to knit with and wears well; it contains a small amount of nylon (10%) to add durability without adding a plastic feel to the yarn. Colors appear heathered and exotic because of the bamboo content

Recommended needle size:  US 0-2

Three Irish Girls Kinsale Yarn    

3.5 oz - 410 yards  

50/50 Merino/Tencel

This yarn is perfect for knit, crochet, or woven scarves and shawls, because of it's beautiful drape, sheen, and silk-like glow.

Recommended needle size: US 0-2

Three Irish Girls Kells Sport Yarn    

4 oz - 320 yards  

100%  Superwash Merino Wool

Spun tightly for added durability,  Kells Sportweight is perfect for socks and finer gauge knitting projects.  

Recommended needle size:  US 2-4

Three Irish Girls  Springvale DK Yarn    

4 oz - 270 yards  

100%  Merino Superwash Wool

A DK weight version of our popular smooth, evely plied worsted weight yarn.  

Recommended needle size: US 4-6

Three Irish Girls McClellan DK Yarn    

4 oz - 300 yards

60% Merino, 40% Bamboo

This lovely Merino Bamboo Blend has an eye catching heather appearance and especially nice hand and look in the DK weight. A great yarn for warmer temperatures.

Recommended needle size: US 3-5

Three Irish Girls Vivie Alpaca Silk Yarn    

4 oz - 240 yards  

50/30/20 Merino / Alpaca / Silk  Wool

Soft and lush, this blend of merino, silk and alpaca must be touched to be believed.  Especially nice for cowls or garments requiring a soft yarn with slight drape.

Recommended needle size: US 6-8

Three Irish Girls Elenya Alpaca Yarn    

4 oz - 240 yards  

50/50 Alpaca/Merino Wool

A blend of fine alpaca and merino fibers.  Beautiful drape and exceptionally soft hand.  Merino lends bounce to the alpaca. Can be knit at a DK or a worsted weight gauge.

Recommended needle size:  US 5-7

Nice yarn for garments as well as other projects.

Three Irish Girls Felicity Yarn    

3.5 oz - 240 yards  

50/50  Silk  / Merino Wool 

A worsted weight beautifully plied blend of merino and silk.  

Recommended needle size:  US 6-7

Three Irish Girls Carys BFL Yarn    

3.5 oz - 230 yards  

100% Blue Face Leicester  Wool

Carys BFL (pronounced cah-RISS) is a smooth, evenly plied worsted  weight yarn from the Blue Faced Leicester breed of sheep.  Its long staple lenth resists pilling better than other fine wools.  

Recommended needle size:  US 6-7

Three Irish Girls Glenhaven Cashmerino Heavy Worsted Yarn      

3.5 oz - 195 yards  

 80/10/10 Merino / Cashmere / Nylon

The perfect scarf or cowl yarn.  A blend of fine superwash merino and cashmere with nylon added for durability.  

Recommended needle size:  US 8-9

Three Irish Girls Roslea Worsted Yarn    

4 oz - 240 yards  

100% Organic Merino Wool 

Soft and velvety, Roslea is a pleasure to knit with, and has added appeal because it is spun from certified organic merino wool.  Worsted weight.

Recommended needle size: US 7-8 

Photo of Roslea Chunky, but coloration similar.

Three Irish Girls Springvale Superwash Yarn    

3.5 oz - 205 yards  

100% Superwash Merino  Wool

This is the perfect washable wool.  Springvale is lofty, with a smoothly finished texture.  (Also available in Sock, DK, and Bulky Weights)

Recommended needle size: US 6-7

Three Irish Girls Springvale Bulky Yarn    

4 oz - 98 yards  

100%  Superwash Merino Wool

A bulky weight version of our popular worsted weight yarn.  Soft and airy.

Recommended needle size:  US 11-15