Presentation Quilt Judy Severson Limited Edition Print


Presentation Quilts are a type of Album Quilt popular from the 1840's to the 1860s. Album Quilts are made up of many different blocks generally created by a group of quilters, perhaps for a special teacher or a minister who might be moving from the community. 

Other types of Album Quilts are Friendship Quilts, Bride's Album Quilts, Autograph Quilts, Freedom Quilts, and Remembrance Quilts. Many of the blocks are signed and dated by the makers, and sometimes an additional message or verse is added. The recipient's name is usually found in the center block or in one of the more elaborate blocks. 

Some of the blocks that are chosen are palm leaves, lyre with laurel leaves, pineapple, and flour-de-lis. The borders are appliquéd with swags and bows, and then stuffing is added. 

Hand printed and embossed by Judy Severson   8/200 

Approximately 14 x14 inches 

Limited edition