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Judy Severson

Pink Rose Quilt Judy Severson Limited Edition Print

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Pink Rose is an appliqué pattern in which blocks of flowers are connected by flowing blue ribbons. Other names for this design are American Beauty Rose and Rose Appliqué.  

This quilt pattern was inspired by a pattern from Marie Webster, a well known quilt designer and the author of America's first quilt block. Marie used Pink Rose for her very first quilt, which is now in the collection of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The pattern was published in The Ladies Home Journal of January 1, 1911, and later appeared in Marie's own book, Quilts: Their Story and How to Make Them. Marie later went on to design many floral quilts and was instrumental in reviving interest in quiltmaking in the early 1900s.

The blocks are rearranged in this quilt and the swag border was changed to a feather and ribbon pattern, reflecting the ribbons in the design. 

Hand printed and embossed by Judy Severson   30/200 

Approximately 14 x14 inches 

Limited edition