Mohair Wool Dk : First Frost Cranberries


“First Frost Cranberries”  Skeins in the Stacks Yarns are naturally dyed using woodland hand gathered berries from the Cordova Region. 

Anna would love to sit in the woods and pick cranberries all day, if only the bears would leave her alone.


50/50 Mohair Wool Dk  100 g   238 yards

This is well wearing unbrushed mohair with wool blend that works beautifully for garments and items subject to wear.  I LOVE this yarn. It is not really soft, but it wears incredibly wear. Best for hats with slight drape and garments such as vests and sweaters, this yarn makes for lasting knitwear that doesn't pill. This yarn also felts quite nicely and good for purses, pouches and accessories. 

These natural dyed yarns are subject to change from ligth and will naturally fade into softer tones due to the nature of the dye.  Anna only uses alum as a mordant as does not use any heavy metals to treat the wool.  This process of fading is an element that gives the yarn that additional natural touch and is part of the lovely nature of these yarns. 

PLEASE NOTE:  The color in this photo is slightly darker and brighter than in true life. More photos available by request.