May Tulips Judy Severson Limited Edition Print


May Tulips was a popular quilt designed by Marie Webster in the early 1920’s. Marie formed The Practical Patchwork Company along with Aida Hedd and Evangeline Beshore, two close friends, and the company became a success after Wotld War I.  Patterns, kits, and finished quilts were all part of this cottage industry. Marie designed dozens of quilt patterns, and her unique appliqué floral patterns along with her use of pastel colors were the hallmarks of her quilt designs. 

In this May Quilt Print, by artist Judy Severson, she combined Marie’s beautiful tulips with a central feather wreath in each block.  She bordered the quilt with additional tulips and added an undulating feather garland over the tulips.    

Hand printed and embossed by Judy Severson   10/200 

 Approximately 14 x14 inches 

Limited edition