Lupine Cordova Colorway


No flower captures the true essence of the welcome arrival of Alaska summertime like the wild blue lupine. They line the roadsides and hiking trails like gateways that lead to all the adventures that summertime brings.  The lupine came to be the Net Loft “mascot” from the days when it was seasonal and housed in the original Net Loft in our warehouse at 6 1 /2 Mile Copper River Highway.  At that time, the arrival of the lupine flowers coincided with the reopening of the store for the summer. 

Our Three Irish Girls  lupine yarn with its lovely shades of deep blues and purples is inspired by a woodcut from  local artist Mazie Van den Broek.  Her scene of the glacier is  framed by the meadows of lupine you find there, often after the town lupine have faded.

We also have our Net Loft drawstring bags available in our signature lupine print.  These 100% cotton bags are available in either a white or black background, and  measure approximately 10 X 11 inches.

There is a larger version of the bag found here: