Lilly Brush


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Lilly Brush, your sweater’s best friend!

Why use Lilly Brush?

  • Specially designed nylon bristles are gentle on sweater weaves but tough on pills
  • Lilly Brush will not shave a hole in your sweater
  • Soft bristles that don’t snag
  • Tidy lid closure allows you to use Lilly Brush on the go
  • Never toss or donate expensive natural fiber sweaters again!

What can Lilly Brush save?

Lilly Brush works on all natural fibers including cotton, wool, cashmere, angora, hemp and alpaca.

How to use the Lilly Brush

Applying moderate pressure, sweep Lilly Brush across garment in any direction to make short work of pills, pet hair, lint and light soil.

How to clean Lilly Brush

For washable fabrics the Lilly Brush can be dampened before use to eliminate static. To clean your Lilly Brush, wash with light soap, rinse, and tap briskly to remove excess water.






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