Carys BFL Black Bear and Blueberries Quartet


It is said that Black Bears love blueberries more than any other berry in the woods.  In our neighborhood, when our children were younger, they would wander through the woods in packs, and when the berries were ripe, they would fill their buckets and come home and make blueberry cobbler.   They weren't the only ones who liked the berries.  Our neighbors would call and let us know if there was a "bear alert" and have to call the children in from the woods until the coast was clear.  The "Black Bear and Blueberries" Cordova Colorway Quartet  puts these  elements together: the Black Bear, the favored blueberry with its green leaves with pale green nubs at the base of the leaves .  Let these colors sing a pretty song into your next knitting project. 


Three Irish Girls Carys BFL Yarn     100 g     220 yards  (approx 55 yards per miniskein)


100% Blue Face Leicester  Wool


Carys BFL (pronounced cah-RISS) is a smooth, evenly plied worsted  weight yarn from the Blue Faced Leicester breed of sheep.   Carys makes a wonderful sweater yarn, as Its long staple lenth resists pilling better than other fine wools.


Recommended needle size:  US 6-7