Gansey Knitter Introductory Information Packet
Net Loft Productions

Gansey Knitter Introductory Information Packet

$0.00 USD

  • Cordova Gansey Project information card
  • Moray Firth "Fishing for Ganseys" booklet
  • Step by step instructions for getting started designing and knitting a gansey
  • Cordova Gansey Project wooden pencil
  • Sample length of Cordova Frangipani Gansey Yarn

Compliments of the Net Loft.

The Moray Firth "Fishing for Ganseys", 60 page booklet, is an excellent resource & a good read for those interested in gansey knitting. 

Recommended:  Knitting Ganseys book and DVD  by Beth Brown Reinsel. 

For International  participants we will email  a pdf of the steps.  A complete kit may be ordered at no extra charge with your gansey yarn purchase.