Gansey Knitter Project Complete Pack
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Gansey Knitter Project Complete Pack

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COMPLETE KIT AVAILABLE ONLY WITH YARN PURCHASE from The Net Loft for designing a gansey. 

Compliments of The Net Loft with your gansey yarn purchase for those who are ready to begin knitting a Gansey.  

Not available as separate item.

PDF of Gansey Booklet will be sent by email until booklet available (Under construction). 

If you already know you would like to knit a gansey and would like to purchase yarn, this packet includes a complete set of support material. 
  • Gansey Project 100% cotton Knapsack NOTE!! We we apologize that are currently waiting on production for more knapsacks. We will send you yours when we receive them. 
  • Cordova Gansey Project label for knitters graph paper journal notebook 
  • Wooden gansey gauge of fine needle sizes.
  • Cordova Gansey Project pin
  • Cordova Gansey Project informational card
  • Moray Firth "Fishing for Ganseys" booklet(temporarily unavailable)
  • Step by step instructions for helps in designing and knitting a gansey using Beth Brown Reinsel Knitting Ganseys Book (will be emailed as PDF. We are currently updating the booklet, so we will email rough draft of updated version)
  • Cordova Gansey Project wooden pencil
  • Sample length of Cordova Frangipani Gansey Yarn

The Moray Firth "Fishing for Ganseys", 60 page booklet, is an excellent resource & a good read for those interested in gansey knitting. 

Picture shows skein of Upton Indigo Gansey Yarn NOT included in packet.


Knitting Ganseys Book


Highly recommended supplies:

Knitters Graph Paper Notebook

2 Large Sheets of Knitters Graph Paper for charting 

Frangipani or Upton Indigo Yarn in your choice of color.

Size 0,1,1.5, or 2 32 inch Skacel ADDI needles -  2 sets

Double Pointed Needles, 0,1, 1.5, 2

Other books you may find helpful and interesting:

Cables, Diamonds, Herringbone

Traditional Knitting

Patterns for Guernseys, Jerseys, & Arans