Gansey Knitter Supplement to Intro Pack
Net Loft Productions

Gansey Knitter Supplement to Intro Pack

$0.00 USD

If you have already received the intro packet & are purchasing yarn for your gansey project we will send this packet along with your purchased yarn. 
Packet includes:
  • Gansey Project 100% cotton Knapsack
  • Cordova Gansey Project label for knitters graph paper journal notebook 
  • Wooden gansey gauge of fine needle sizes.
  • Cordova Gansey Project pin

Compliments of the Net Loft with purchase of gansey yarn for your project.  

The Moray Firth "Fishing for Ganseys", 60 page booklet, is an excellent resource & a good read for those interested in gansey knitting. 

Highly recommended:

Knitting Ganseys Book

Knitter Graph Paper Journal

Knitters Chart Paper